Kassandra peninsula has a very beautiful coast, but it’s often undervalued compared to Sithonia and Thassos. The reason for that is not entirely unjustified, because the urbanization and construction of hotels on the coast disrupted the natural appearance of the coast. Nevertheless there are hidden gems behind the pine trees and huge rocks that are waiting for you to explore.

Sani Beach mostly belongs to the luxury hotel complex Sani Resort. It’s one of the most beautiful beaches of Kassandra, with white sand, shoal and turquoise sea, and near the beach there’s a protected area for rare birds that have found their habitat here. The only part of the beach that’s available for visitors who are not guests of the complex is the one in front of Anemos cafe. This part is often crowded, especially at weekends, when many Thessalonians arrive. During the season a car park is charged 20e (along with the entrance to the complex), while free parking is possible at 400-500m from the beach. The resort is worth visiting, since you can walk in a beautiful park, visit a church and a luxury marina and swim or sunbathe on a really beautiful beach. At Sani beach you can experience a nice sunset. Sani is one of the examples of beaches that are truly top, and can compete with any beach of Sithonia, but the most of it, unfortunately, belongs to the hotel.

Kallithea has one of the most beautiful beaches of Kassandra. The beach is long, with several meters of shoal, and the turquoise sea. The sand is very fine and soft, and the sea is beautiful and clear. The right part of the local beach in Kallithea (towards Kriopigi) is slightly worse than the left one (in front of Zeus and Margarita Sea Side hotels), because of the rocks in the water and the beach is a little narrower, but because of that it’s less crowded, and with more beautiful bars and much more greenery in the background.