Possidi Cape (Faros) The beach in Possidi is actually a sandbar that stretches deep into the sea. It’s a really interesting part of the coast, a miniature sandy peninsula. You can park your vehicles at the beginning of the sandbar, in the vicinity of the camp and the famous lighthouse, and then continue on foot to the beach. The beach is completely wild, there are neither beach bars nor chairs, so it is necessary to take food, water and umbrellas. At the beginning of the sandbar you’ll feel like you’re in a sandy desert and as you approach the peak it’ll delight you that the sea is on both sides of the sandbar. It often happens that one side (towards Possidi) is windy, while the other (towards Aigeopelagitika) is very quiet. The sun sets very late, so you can enjoy until late hours. The sea is very clean, and the sand is fine and white. We advise you not to drive over the sandbar, because you will get stuck in the sand.